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You've Got Great Taste!

Monday - Wednesday - 8am - 5pm

Thursday - Friday - 8am - 6pm

Saturday - 11am - 4pm

Sunday - CLOSED

Order ahead @ 613 489-3313

Dine in or Take Out


Bagel with Butter                                                                        2.50

Bagel with Cream Cheese                                                         3.50

Bagel with Egg & Cheese                                                          4.25

Bagel with Egg, Bacon or Ham & Cheese                                 6.25

English Muffin with Egg & Cheese                                             4.25

English Muffin with Egg, Bacon or Ham & Cheese                    5.25

Croissant with Egg, Bacon or Ham & Cheese                           6.25


Panini Sandwiches                                                                  10.95

    Small / Medium / Large

Soup / Salad                                                 4.25       6.25        8.75

Panini and Soup or Salad combo                                            15.75

Chili with Garlic Bread                                             Medium / Large

9.00      11.00

Panini & medium Chili combo with drink                                  19.50

Kids Combo                                                                           

(Grilled Cheese, Chocolate Chip Cookie & Juice)                     9.00


Assorted Squares                                                                      4.25

Mini Cheesecake                                                                       4.75

Cookies                                                                                      4.00

Scones                                                                                       4.25

Parfait                                                                                         5.50

Banana Bread                                                                            3.50

(Gluten free options are available)                       


Coffee / Tea                                                 Small / Medium / Large

1.75       2.25        2.50

Espresso                                                                                   2.25

Latte / Americano / Cappuccino                   3.50       4.25        5.00

London Fog Latte / Chai Tea Latte               3.50       4.25        5.00

Iced Caramel Whipped Latte                       4.25                      5.75

Iced Mocha Whipped Latte                          4.25                      5.75

Iced Coffee                                                  3.00                      4.15

Iced Chai                                                     3.00                      4.15

Hot Chocolate                                                           2.50        3.50


Soft Drink                                                                                 1.75

Jones                                                                                       3.00

Juice                                                                                        2.25

Water                                                                                       1.75

Chocolate Milk                                                                         2.50


Available for a limited time

Eggnog Latte

Gingerbread Latte

Chocolate Candy Cane Latte

Holiday Chai Latte

We Cater!

Fresh From Our Oven to You

This week's options available for $17.50 in Single size portions in our "Grab and Go" fridge.  

Available Monday January 30th
(While quantities last)

spaghetti meatballs.jpeg

Classic Spaghetti
with Meatballs

Creamy Dijon Chicken
with Rice

Available Thursday February 2nd
(While quantities last)


Macaroni Casserole

Sweet n sour pork with rice.jpg

Sweet and Sour Pork
with Rice

Woman Cooking in Kitchen

About Sarah 

I have always loved cooking and from a young age I knew I wanted to be a chef. After college, chef training led me to working in hotels and many restaurants in Ottawa where I learned so much and had the time of my life. In the last 12 years I have worked in long-term care and daycare centers which has been so rewarding. It truly is my passion and I am so happy that I am able to offer my Meals to Go services to the community.

Fresh Spaghetti

Fresh, Healthy Meals

I offer healthy homemade and delicious meals in single servings portions ready to heat and serve. All meals are made fresh with wholesome ingredients to create well balanced dishes you and your family will love.

Let me take the stress out of your busy weeknights! 


Take the hassle out of dinnertime with 

Fresh, Tasty Meals

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